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Set in the twilight of the Roman Empire: the movie opens in 402 AD with the last gladiatorial games held in the amphitheatre at the Mega-Fortress of Deva in Britannia. Most of the elite Twentieth Legion Valeria Victrix ‘The Valiant and Victorious’ have been recalled to defend Rome from barbarians, with the rump left at the fortress city, commanded by Valerian ‘The Valiant of Albion’. Defending the west coast of Britain from seaborne Hibernian invaders he’s acutely aware that the empire is on the brink of collapse. The Hibernian raids are becoming more frequent, more intense and ever-more fierce. The spoilt wealthy Romans of the uber-rich villa-set, who occupy the Red Hills district on the coast, constantly pressure him for protection. Hopelessly overstretched: the remnant of the once mighty Twentieth-Legion will soon face their last and greatest challenge: as forces both natural and supernatural, led by the Pagan Warrior Goddess Morrigan, close-in to seize the original Holy Grail – the Celtic Cauldron of Rebirth in the epic final-drama of Rome’s Empire in Britain



VICTRIX!  The Valiant of Albion

Casting News to follow!


Original music by former Mike Oldfield (the Exorcist) singer-songwriting partner Maggie Reilly - with Mike Bastow, Martin Revans and Luke Jennings

Maggie Reilly and Stuart MacKillop:

Maggie Reilly

Bastow & Jennings:

Demo Track 1: 'The Hibernians' Demo track 2 'Valeria Victrix' signature tune. Both tracks for the Roman movie project. Updates over cast and production coming regularly.

Victrix! The Last Legion and The Hibernians music

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