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Novelist and Screenwriter Tom Stevens is the author of over 12 published novels plus books, articles and professional papers on subjects as diverse as psychology, mythology, mind-body relationships, history, philosophy and sports science.  A Depth psychologist (Jungian) with over thirty years experience, he is the UKís leading author in the Jungian Mythic Fiction genre.  As well as the Victrix and Lilith trilogies he has screenplays in development for: WAGS and Witches, Remote Viewing and The Cauldron, an epic Arthurian drama set in post-Roman Britain.  His Oxford's Blues series is in development with veteran British television and film-maker Colin McKeown of LA Productions.


His new novels include The Dead Room about the American Civil War and Odinís Wolves an historical Viking Age epic. 


A visionary writer, Tom is the Creative Director on the Lilith movie Trilogy, which was born out from a collaboration between him and former Mike Oldfield singer Maggie Reilly.  In creating a screenplay, Tom works uniquely with musicians and composers to produce the perfect color palate of emotion in sound and vision - the effect being visceral, emotional and stunning.