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Lilith Star Child

Gallery 1

The Green Man (Iron Mike Mitchell)

The Supernatural Blacksmith (Iron Mike Mitchell)

Freya Lund as Lilith_2

April Production Shots 1

Adam and Lilith

Gallery-1a  Freya Lund as Lilith Feb: 2012

Gallery-1b  Production Stills Feb: 2012

Gallery 2                         

Gallery-3 The Image of Lilith

Gallery-4 Freya Lund pre-Lilith

Gallery-5 Tom Stevens Original Lilith

Liverpool Locations


Gallery-7    Mike Mitchell

Gallery-8    Eirin Jansen Hallangen-Lake

Gallery- 9   Mark Moraghan (Dr John Sutton)

Gallery-10   Terry O'Neill rehearses Nathaniel Lattimer - Witchfinder General

Film Art  Character Art-Work by Pauline Richards