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The Statue of Carl Jung in Matthew Street Liverpool

The connection between the city and Jung has now deepened with the production of the movie: Lilith The Last Temptation of Adam, created by Liverpool born novelist and screenwriter Tom Stevens

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              Franz Jung                                        

Tom Stevens creative work in film and in novels, is inspired by more than thirty years of personal study and practice as a depth psychologist and psychotherapist: and in particular by the work of the great analytical psychologist Carl Jung.


A personal family friendship, and blessing, from Franz Jung only son of Carl Jung: to Tom Stevens (Steve Richards) and his wife Pauline Richards, was given in the study of his father's house at Kustnacht on Lake Zurich, Switzerland, in May 1992.  Tom and Pauline made a promise to Franz: to bring his father's work to ordinary people - something they did in their career as psychotherapists, and now as filmakers.


George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars went to Jung's student, Joseph Campbell and asked him what the ingredients of creating a modern myth were.   Lilith is just such a modern myth, and it too has it's roots in Carl Jung's work, set against the magnificent stage that is the city of Liverpool.




Tom Stevens (Steve Richards) with Pauline Richards and Franz Jung in Carl Jung's study at Kustnacht on Lake Zurich Switzerland, May 2nd 1992


Elsie Glasser with Pauline Richards and Franz Jung

From Franz Jung to Tom Stevens (Steve Richards) and Pauline Richards

From Franz Jung to Tom Stevens (Steve Richards) and Pauline Richards concerning the birth of their Son Gareth.

                  Jung Family Grave: Kustnacht, Lake Zurich, Switzerland

Tom Stevens (Steve Richards) and Pauline Richards consulting room in the mid 90's

Pioneeres of Psychodynamic and Depth Psychology praxis:

Charcot,  Janet,  Bleuler,  Breuer, Freud and Jung

      Some Sandtray and Art materials used for projective psychotherapy

Datex infa-red Mass Spectrometer, (on right of table) for respiratory psychophysiological testing - our research followed Jung's pioneering work on the psycho-physiology of complexes as mind-body systemic phenomenon. We ourselves pioneered respiratory psychophysiological investigation into Jung's theory using a clinical capnograph.

                Pauline with Dr Nixon in Weymouth Street, London, 1992

Some of our Diploma students graduate (mid 1990's)

A gallery of significant people who have inspired or mentored our psychotherapeutic praxis:


Franz Jung

Only Son of Carl Gustav Jung

" My Father would have been very pleased to see your synthesis of his work with scientific holistic-medicine, and bringing it (his work) within reach of ordinary people."

Kusnacht Zurich Switzerland  May 2nd 1992

Professor George L Engel

Emeritus Professor of Medicine

Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry

Founder of the Biopsychosocial Medical Model

“Dear Steve, Perhaps most gratifying is the support your experience gives to health-professionals sharing a common conceptual framework. The fundamental challenge is for a new scientific model for medicine”

New York, USA, 1990

Dr Ernest L. Rossi

Jungian Analyst

Closest student of Milton H Erickson MD
Editor of Erickson's collected papers on hypnosis
Worlds leading researcher on psycho-biological hypnosis and scientific mind-body therapy

“Dear Steve & Pauline, I am reading your papers with great interest. Please let me know if there is any way I can facilitate your work"

California, USA, 1999

Dr Anthony Stevens
Jungian Analyst
Evolutionary Psychologist
Internationally respected author

“Dear Steve & Pauline, I too am an admirer of Peter Nixon and George Engel and I am delighted that you should be making your own synthesis of their ideas with Jung’s”

Devon, England, 1990

Dr Peter Nixon

Doctor of Medicine MD
Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians FRCP
Retired Senior Consulting Cardiologist to Charing Cross Hospital & Medical School, London UK
Respiratory Psycho-physiologist
Pioneer in Humanistic-Medicine & Scientific Medical-Holism

Mentor to the Renaissance-Academy Founders

"Dear Steve & Pauline, it was very good to meet again and to see you bubbling with enthusiasm for the work.

I am enthralled by Jung's work on skin resistance and respiration and his illustrating both the alexithymic and emotional types. With my best wishes for your success in practice and the establishment of education"

Weymouth Street, London, England, 1992