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        Mystery and Adventure in Parapsychology and the Occult 

Tales of mystery, the supernatural, parapsychology and the occult from ESP the paranormal research Institute in Rodney Street Liverpool


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LILITH: The Last Temptation of Adam

NEW 2nd Edition (2012) with 177 Illustrations!

ISBN: 978-1906983239

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ISBN: 9781906983215

Product Description

Now in production as a major international feature film: Volume 1 of 'The Devil's Bible' trilogy - Lilith: The Last Temptation of Adam sees Goddess Lilith, the Biblical 'Mother Of All Demons' and first wife of Adam, before Eve, in The Garden of Eden, return to the 21st century with an unstoppable pandemic plague - but first she must choose her new Adam, one special human male who will father the whole new world! Could YOU resist the Last Temptation of Adam?

From the Publisher

Author Tom Stevens, and Pauline Richards, together with musicians Maggie Reilly, Stuart MacKillop and Chrys Lindop, have formed a new movie production company to work with their associated production partners and investors to bring "Lilith: The Last Temptation of Adam" to the big screen. This epic film is a true creative collaboration, in the spirit of the pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, with a stunning soundtrack, beautiful visuals, an amazing script, and superb acting talent! This book, volume 1 of The Devil's Bible trilogy, is the source material of the new Film!

694 pages  6x9 inches laminated perfect bound softcover

RRP £15.99

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Rosetta Stone

ISBN 9780955737848

Set between 1935 and 2008: a masterpiece of personal transformation and the supernatural. The great psychoanalyst Carl Jung becomes embroiled in a struggle against the demon Harlequin trickster as he works to control the fate of beautiful spiritual medium Rosetta Stone. The parapsychologists of ESP the world renowned paranormal research institute battle the return of their most dangerous enemy as mythic forces from the human collective unconscious and the very land itself finally collide in their epic showdown

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious…”

Carl Gustav Jung

547 pages.  6x9 inches.  Laminated Soft-cover.  RRP £15.99 

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WAGS and Witches

ISBN 9781906983185

A tale that begins in the twilight years of the Roman Empire in Britain: the new state religion of Christianity battles against the old pagan faith of witches and Druids as Hibernian pirates raid Britannia's coastal shore. A Christian Roman soldier learns of his true destiny as he faces the terrible power of the Celtic God Taranis at the ‘Thunder Rock’.

More than one thousand six hundred years later, the evil forces locked in ‘Thor’s Stone’ are reanimated. A femme demon of extraordinary power exploits the hedonism of twenty first century Footballer’s WAG’s and spoilt wealthy women through a coven of new-age witches as murder, terror and human sacrifice overtake the local community.

Join the Parapsychologists at ESP the world-renowned paranormal research institute as they battle against the secret lineage of the Thorstone Witches: keepers of a dark and mysterious occult tradition at the ancient Thor’s Rock!

        732 pages.  6x9 inches.  Laminated Soft-cover.  RRP £19.99 

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Historical Fiction meets Paranormal Romance in this ground breaking novel of Mary Queen of Scot's 'Babington Plot', time travel, the supernatural and the occult.


Parapsychologists at ESP the world-renowned paranormal research institute undertake secret

work for the military in a clairvoyant sensing technique called ‘Remote Viewing’. The barriers of not only space but also time itself are breached as a Tudor Alchemist and Magus makes contact  with the future in an attempt to escape trial and execution for witchcraft. The Alchemists’ powers are increased as his reach extends from the court of Queen Elizabeth to the first decade of the 21st century. 


Join ESP as they desperately  battle against the Magus's evil power!


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"There's the Living Room, and then... there's the Dead Room"

A tale told in two centuries - the American Civil War in 1863 and the era of paranormal science in 2009.
Researchers at 'ESP' the world-renowned paranormal research institute uncover the mystery of an old Liverpool photograph from the 1860's and the awakening of a malevolent entity for whom time had stood still, only to be freed to wreak death, destruction and havoc, both then, and now...

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