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             Tom Stevens  'THE CAULDRON SERIES'

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Epic Dark-Ages Mythic-Fiction


ISBN: 9780955965623

Book One of Tom Stevens epic Dark-Ages Mythic Fiction series that tells the original story behind the ESP books and the Oxfords Blues Trilogy.

Discover the truth about the Celtic Cauldron of Rebirth and the foundation of the Arthurian myths as the Roman Centurion Valerian is inducted into their secret mysteries in the dying days of Rome's Empire in Britain!


328 pages. 6x9 inches. Laminated Soft Cover RRP £11.50.

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THE CAULDRON 'Special Edition'

combining Volumes 1&2 of the series


ISBN: 9780955965616


From the pen of Britain's leading mythic fiction author

history and the supernatural combine in the most powerfully exciting and moving interpretation of the Arthurian legends yet written!

From the twilight days of Rome's Empire in Britain to the 'Coming of the English' - men and Gods battle together for control of the Celtic Cauldron of Rebirth and for the very soul of Britain itself!

740 pages. 6x9 inches Laminated Soft Cover. RRP £19.99.

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Mythic Fiction in The Dark Ages

Lilith’s children return to claim The Celtic Cauldron of Rebirth as part of the great Viking Invasion of England in 937 AD. At the Battle of Brunnanburgh: the descendants of Valerian are forced to ally themselves with the Saxon King Athelstan to protect the secret treasures of the land Not only from the Vikings but from The Mother of All Demons’ herself…

Volume Three of the Epic Series.

Prequel to 'The Centurion':



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